You have enjoyed – loved – having kids. It changed your life! But now they’re teenagers and things are not so easy and enjoyable anymore as they have a mind of their own. They talk back and are rude and non-committal. And different people give you different advice, it’s all so confusing!

As a counsellor, I help parents improve their relationships with teenage kids through better communication. I see myself first and foremost as a mother, to 4 biological children and 4 foster children, all from different countries. 

I feel like my life only really started when I became a mother. It is what I have loved most in my life. But the confusing thing is, it has been so lovely but also so hard at times. We’ve all had difficulties with relationships and not least with our teenage kids. Sometimes I’ve felt it’s all too much and felt overwhelmed and doubted my own abilities. But all I needed was a little less criticism and a bit more help!

When I see others going through difficulties with their kids, and their lack of confidence in their parenting skills, I get frustrated because I know that all they need is a little support and encouragement to get them back on track. A little time to find that confidence and to develop some communication skills. 

If what you’re currently doing isn’t working, let’s find another way that does!